Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Maybe I Should Re-introduce Myself...

I made this blog something like a year ago, but being as terrible as I am and lacking in motivation at the time, it kind of fell through. But I've been looking around, reading other people's blogs and with the arrival of 6th edition and the new Chaos Space Marines codex coming out, I've been inspired to give it another go.

So I'm still working on adding tabs up top, but hopefully I can have those up tonight when I get home.

For anyone wondering, I play Skaven, Dark Eldar and Chaos Space Marines as of right now, with a Wood Elves army planned for the future, but unfortunately with the release of all the shiny new toys for my first 40k army, that's probably going to be put on hold for a little bit longer.

Temporary2+ is a reference to the Dark Eldar Shadow Field as well, just FYI. I'm generally not a fan of it, because it always seems to fail me the moment I get hit by anything S6+.

I look something akin to this guy every time it happens, which is pretty much every game:

I have a pretty short temper...


  1. I can't agree more with your opinion on a shadowfield: I played a game against a friend of mine, and he fielded baron sathonyx. The baron had to make one save, he failed, and unfortunately, it was a force weapon he failed the save against xd I lol'd

    1. Yeah, I ran Sathonyx every game in 5th as well and I couldn't count the number of 2++ saves he failed the second he was touched by something that would instagib him. It got really frustrating after a while... :\