Thursday, 4 October 2012

Chaos Space Marines New Codex - First Impressions

I've had a little time to go through the codex so far and check out all the cool new rules and units and whatnot, and I've got to tell you: I'm extremely happy.

I won't do a proper review of the codex until I've actually had more time with the book (some time early next week), but for now I'll just give my thoughts and let you know a few of the things I've noticed.

If the rest of the 6th edition books are like this one, it will be a good edition.

First of all, the positives. Overall, the book is so far beyond that pathetic excuse for a codex that is Codex: Chaos Space Marines 4th Edition that they're not even comparable. As is typical of anything Phil Kelly touches, the book has some very nice synergy and almost all of the units are balanced if not tournament worthy. A lot of things got much cheaper, like our regular Chaos Space Marines, Lords, Sorcerers and Raptors, while some things did get a bit more expensive, but gained some new rules and things that ultimately justify the cost.

That's not to say that Chaos Space Marines will now be able to horde up, because as far as I can see, the book really is designed for you to personalise your army with fairly tremendous amounts of upgrades and options.

All of the new additions to the book are very nice. The Maulerfiend is a Walker that gets to move 12" and ignores cover, while the Warp Talons cause any enemies within 6" to count as being hit by a weapon with the Blind USR. There's also an item that allows friendly units to not scatter when deep-striking, which has some pretty obvious synergy with the Warp Talons. The unfortunate thing is that the model with the item must have caused a wound in close combat in order to activate the Key, so it does seem a little more like a gimmick than anything, because in a lot of cases your Warp Talons will be in from reserves before you get to activate it. It'd be worth trying out in friendly games though.

Now, there are a few unfortunate things, as with all codecies. First of all, Land Raiders are 10 points more expensive than last edition and gained absolutely no new special rules. Terminators got the same kind of treatment, now costing an extra point each, although Terminators are better this edition of 40k, so I'm assuming that's why they were upped in cost, but I still don't think it was warranted. Dark Apostles are lacklustre at best, which annoyed me quite severely because I was looking to do a Word Bearers army. Maybe I'll just have to run one without the Apostle. Thousand Sons got the shaft once again and Defilers are now 45 points more than before, although they are quite boss...

Despite the few downsides, overall the book is absolutely insane. I'm having a hard time writing lists of 1850 points because I simply can't fit everything I want in.

Check back in a couple of days and I'll have a more in-depth review of the book, complete with a couple of lists and my thoughts on how to deal with what looks like the most likely 6th edition meta!

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