Sunday, 7 October 2012

There's a First For Everything!

Today I've had a couple of firsts, the first of which is my first follower, which is definitely a boost. Thank you!

The other is my first game of Magic: The Gathering. I've never really been into card games a whole lot, but I must admit I did have quite a bit of fun and have picked up my first Intro Set.

This picture gave me an idea for a Wood Elf Forest Dragon conversion...

I picked up the Black and Green set, and have spent a bit of my afternoon checking out how the game works properly and how I build my deck. To be honest I'm still a little stumped, but I'm definitely looking forward to playing some more with my friend and working the game out.

It's quite the departure from table-top gaming, but it's always nice to have something fresh to do!

Anyway, I guess I'll keep the blog up-to-date with my progress on the game and see if I can work out how to build decks properly...

Any advice is definitely welcome.

And just before I go, the Chaos Space Marines Codex review will be up tomorrow should my Internet permit, otherwise it will absolutely, definitely, 100% be Tuesday!

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