Monday, 7 January 2013

First FNM: Stomped By a Kid

Last Friday I headed up to my local store to play in my first ever Friday night Magic. It was also the first time I've versed anyone that's not my two MTG playing friends, and the first time I've versed anyone with a decent deck that's not pretty much the Intro Pack + a couple of cards.

It's nice to get some games in against more experienced players and to see what kinds of decks people run in my area.

My deck isn't complete yet, so I wasn't running an ideal set of cards, but I still did reasonably well I think.

My only real issue was actually against a child of about 7 years old. His dad was playing someone else, and as soon as I sat down he said "My mum has the same card sleeves as you" and I was all like "Oh great, a family of MTG players. This'll be fun..."

But it turned out it wasn't. He was playing a Blue/White control deck that his dad had won some tournament with, and the kid obviously had far more experience at the game than I did. I learned a very important lesson that game: playing against control is not fun.

Other than that I played against RB Rakdos aggro and GW token spam. I only just lost to the aggro 1-2, but they were fun games and really could've gone either way. The GW token spam went my way the entire time and I won 2-0. In the first game I had a Corpsejack Menace that I had cast Increasing Savagery and Rancor on which managed to destroy every single token creature in a single attack and still do 3 damage to my opponent.

A fun night all in all and I've had the chance to check out which cards work and which don't in my deck, as well as what I have trouble with so I'll be able to fine-tune my deck a bit. Hopefully I'll be able to post a complete decklist pretty soon, I just need to finish fiddling around with it.

Thoughts? Comments?

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