Monday, 14 January 2013

The More "Interesting" Ways People Have Found My Blog

There have been a couple of rather... ah... "interesting" ways some people have managed to stumble upon my blog. A couple have me a little confused, but the latest is just on a whole new level.

As anyone with a blog of their own will know, you can check out your traffic sources, or what keywords people searched in google to gain access to your site. I guess some use this information to get further views somehow, but personally I just find it interesting. It's nice to see that I've answered a specific question someone has typed into google, but most of the time it's just with things like "daemon prince".

Rambling aside, here's the latest googling craze:
Click to enlarge. Not that all of you will need it ;)

What perplexes me most is how it happened 4 times. Like, what the fuck? Is my blog the first thing that pops up when you type these words into google? I'm too scared to find out for myself.

On the topic of my pageviews though, honourable mentions to miniwargaming and House of Paincakes to being my top traffic sources.

And speaking of google search keywords, I might just have to do something on the Baleflamer vs Hades Autocannon...

Anyway, theories? Thoughts? Comments?


  1. I just tried this and your blog did not come up on the first page. Alot of weird porn sites did though. Hmm

  2. Well... Thanks for trying at least!